Buffet Food

Pulutan House serves Buffet to all our guests. Thus, Buffet’s main focus and
mission is a sole quality, which separates this buffet from its competitors. It serves
excellent dining quality with moderate and affordable prices that supplement
every customer to enjoy and fulfil their needs. Pulutan House serves Buffet with
different variety of Filipino Pulutan and other Meals such as; 6 different kinds of
salad, 16 main dishes and 6 kinds of dessert. Our main dishes includes Chicken
Dinakdakan, Kare Kare, Beef Caldereta, Papaitan, Garlic Shrimp, Crabs and
Salmon Kilawin and for desserts we offer Halo Halo, Puto, Kutsinta, Biko, Bilo
Bilo and Palitaw. Buffet is popular because it offers plenty of food variety at a
reasonable price. Pulutan House Buffet’s mission is to serve food with superior
quality and a variety of food.